SEC Structure & Regulatory Authority

Advanced financial accounting PowerPoint presentation. In this presentation we will discuss sec structure and Regulatory Authority get ready to account with advanced financial accounting in sec structure and regulatory authority, Securities and Exchange Commission the SEC What is it? It’s an independent federal agency It was created in 1934. It’s going to regulate and it does regulate the securities markets, the SEC helps maintain an effective marketplace for companies issuing securities and for investors seeking capital investments. Now we’ll take a look at a brief history of leading up to the creation of the SEC and a little bit about the SEC itself. So if we have an understanding of the history, then it gives us a little bit better of an understanding of why the SEC does what it does today and how it how it was created or came to be. So in 1792, was when the New York Stock Exchange was created to function as a clearing house. For the securities trades between its invit its investors. So now we have the New York Stock Exchange that will function as the clearing house. But then in 1911, states started to pass, quote, blue sky laws in quotes to help regulate the offerings of securities by companies without a solid financial base. So in other words, they saw a need for regulation, now that you have the securities that are on the New York Stock Exchange and can then be offered basically, to more to the public, more people will have access to purchasing them and putting capital into the market, then there’s a lack of transparency, the people that are putting money in maybe doing it solely on speculation, and we don’t have the information to really support the claims possibly that could be made by the stocks that are that are being traded and therefore, you could have situations and did have situations where you had stocks that had no supporting you know, value or very little supporting value to them.