Percent of Sales Method 425

Corporate Finance PowerPoint presentation. In this presentation we will discuss the percent of sales method, the percent of sales method been a tool that can help us with our projections out into the future help us to think about where we will stand, think about what our balance sheet accounts will be in the future. If we, if we estimate some type of growth into the future also help us to determine whether or not we may need additional funding to support our growth plans that we have set in place. Get ready, it’s time to take your chance with corporate finance percent of sales method. Now this method can be a little bit confusing when you first look at it in the calculation or formula for it can be a little bit intimidating as well, I highly recommend to get a better understanding of this formula and how to apply it to go through the practice problems, we will have practice problems related to this formula in terms of Excel problems, as well as working through the practice problems and presentations in one note.