Business Acquisition & Expansion

In this presentation, we’re going to discuss an Introduction to Business acquisition and expansion, get ready to act, because it’s time to account with business, Advanced Accounting, advanced financial accounting will have to do with the concept of expansion and the accounting related to it. So first we need to know well, what is expansion? What are the types of expansion that can take place? What are the problems with regards to the accounting for it? And then what type of accounting principles can we apply in order to deal with the accounting related to those problems? So when we think about expansion in general of a business, we’re thinking about the growth of a business, typically, you have either internal expansion or external expansion. So those are two categories of expansion. We want to start to visualize in our mind and we got our mind our mind is visualizing a business that is trying to expand how are they going to do that? Are they going to do it with some type of internal growth or some type of external growth? Then we want to think about the legal structure of the of the expansion for example, an expansion often results in a parent subsidiary type of relationship. So, we have different legal entities that are associated in some way shape or form.