2100-Cost Accounting Cost Volume Profit Analysis

Cost volume profit analysis is a form of cost accounting or managerial accounting, the idea being to break costs down by their behavior of variable costs and fixed costs, using this to create a contribution margin income statement, a much more flexible tool for projections

100.6 Accounting Building Blocks (Debit, Credits, Financial Statements)

Financial accounting includes fundamental building blocks. These accounting building blocks include the concepts of double entry accounting and debits and credits. This lecture will cover these fundamental financial accounting building blocks of debits and credits and follow the process to the creation of the financial statements. This is an accounting lecture that can be revisited multiple times as we learn more financial accounting concepts because accounting building blocks will be applicable through most finical accounting topics.

100.2 Why Learn Accounting

Financial accounting, like any topic often starts off with question like, why learn financial accounting. Accounting has many benefits both in the accounting department and outside the accounting department. This lecture will touch on what accounting is, why accounting is useful, how financial accounting may be useful to you.