Increase Screen Size and Toggle 1013 QuickBooks Online 2022

QuickBooks Online 2022 increased screen size and toggle, get ready because it’s go time with QuickBooks Online 2022. Here we are online in our browser, we’re going to be searching for QuickBooks Online test drive. So we can get that free Test Drive file that we can use to practice navigation with. Here is the item down below. So that’s the one I’m going to use, it’s going to have a verification item saying I’m not a robot, we’re gonna say, Okay, I’m not a robot.


Also note that it will typically have Intuit in it up top, remember that Intuit is the owner of QuickBooks, we’re gonna say continue here, taking us into the Test Drive file. And here we are, I’m also going to be opening up the 30 day Test Drive file to see even compare and contrast to the most up to date, a look and feel of it. So here’s the 30 day test drive, it doesn’t have any information in it, but you have a little bit different in terms of the icons on the left hand side, what we want to do now is practice basically the increasing of the screen size, and then the navigation features.



To do this, I’m going to be comparing and contrasting to the desktop version. And talking about just basically desktop in general software versus online software and the differences between navigation in it. And if you’ve worked in the desktop software, you might say, Hey, I would like I really like to use these types of things to get around the software, I can’t do that as much, or there’s different ways to do it online that you just basically have to get used to one issue people often have is to increase or decrease the screen size to increase or decrease the screen size on a desktop type of software.



With QuickBooks Desktop, for example, if you want to make these icons a little bit larger, you actually had to go into your display settings in the computer and increase the display setting size of it. To increase the size within the software, however, and the online version, you have some more capacity to just basically increase the size because it’s a website type of application, you could do that either here, this is in our new company file or in the test file over here because it’s a web based program.



And you can simply if you’re in a Windows based computer, hold down Ctrl and scroll up, you can resize the screen, I can hit the Resize here and increase the screen size. So 100% of the screen size is kind of what the optimal design would be. That’s how I would think about it. The webpage was designed to be shown optimally at the 100%. If you increase the screen size, then of course, you’re going to you’re going to take it out of what its optimal shape is the interplay between a website however, allows the screen size to kind of adopt and change as you increase the size.



So there’s pros and cons to that. However, we can also do that over here. So if you’re if you want to see this look and feel just to go back and forth between the two looks and feels here, same thing, it’s a web page, I can I can hold down Control and scroll up. Or if I want to see more stuff, I can hold down Control and scroll down. And that I can increase or decrease the screen size.



That’s great for people that that want to see typically bigger screen size to see the information a little bit more clearly oftentimes, but again, it also has its downfalls. One of them is that if you’re dealing with someone and you’re trying to compare what you’re doing to compare to what someone else is doing, then as if you have different screen sizes, because the web page will optimize for that screen size, you’ll be looking at something that will be slightly different depending on how high the the size of the screen is.



That’s why the the website is able, in part, to display something on a phone, which has a much different dimensions than it does say on a large computer screen where the optimization of the look and feel of it will differ. Also, if you’re doing data input if you’re entering things like forms into the system. So if I was to go over here, and enter my transactions like invoices, and the receive payments, and so on, these things could get distorted with regards to the data input if you’re zoomed in too far. And the fix of that would then be to close everything out, go back to 100% and enter the data in at 100%.



So in other words, zooming into the screen, when you’re actually doing data input can distort the forms to a degree sometimes where the actual data input is going to have a problem with it. And you got to basically stop what you’re doing and resize the screen to 100%. So that you can re input the data. So that can be a little bit frustrating as well. But in general, the idea of just being able to hold CTRL down and zoom in is a great is a great thing on the desktop version.



Note that when you run reports, for example, the reports are usually what looks quite small. You could say hey, I’d like the font to be a little bit larger. The desktop version actually has the component if I was to customize the reports up top to change the fonts and number size, so they have a little bit more capacity on the desktop version. For this kind of formatting of the reports, and I can increase the font size like this. And so I can increase the thing, that’s probably the most difficult to read the report size in the screen.



By just changing in essence, the font size, which is nice, you don’t have as much capacity, and the online version to adjust the report. So if I was to go into a report, for example, over here, and say, we’ve got our report, and this is the one that has data in it. So we’re this is our test drive file already has data, if I if I went into my balance sheet report, then I don’t have as much capacity to basically, you know, change the font size of the colors, and this and that.



But I can hold down Ctrl and zoom into the report, I can also close the hamburger on the left hand side and zoom in so I could get a nice, huge view. So that zoom feature works really well with the reports doesn’t work quite so well with a data input. However, because the data input, it could distort the data input.



Now the next thing that you might be used to saying, hey, look, I want to see multiple things at one time, I want to have my report open. And I want to be open entering something else into the system. When you have the desktop version, if you’re used to the desktop version, you might be used to using this window on the left hand side, which is open windows, you might also be used to using multiple screens.



So you can actually widen this to have two screens, if you’re used to that as well, so that you can see it on two actual screens. To see this, you’d go into the view drop down and say you want to see the view windows. And that allows you to what we call toggle between, say the reports and the homepage, or say to the Reports, and then you’re opening an invoice and you want to do data input into the invoice and you want to be able to see the actual reports.



So you could toggle back and forth between them the invoice and the actual forms. If you’re an online setup, it doesn’t have that same kind of setup, if I hit the hamburger is as they call it on the left hand side, I can then go into my options over here. But I don’t have that open windows type of thing. The way to get that seems it’s a little bit more difficult to get used to. But what you do is you go up top and you say I’m going to right click on this item up top and duplicate the screen.



So I’m going to duplicate this tab. And that will give you another window that is going to be open that will be holding on to that same data that you had in the prior window. So now I’ve got it listed over here. And I can go back to my prior tab and I can do my data input, I can go to my forms and go to my invoice over here, while I still have my other window open.



So this is this is a nice tool, you got to be careful with this tool. However, as well to make sure that both of these two tabs are refreshing every time you enter something new. So if I enter an invoice over here, and I go back to this tab, I want to make sure it’s refreshed. It’s added the data by possibly refreshing the screen over here is one way that I could just make sure that it’s picking up the new data that has that has been populated.



So if you’re used to the desktop version, it’ll take a little bit of time to basically right, you can have multiple windows open, I can right click and duplicate this tab and I can have multiple tabs open up top. And that’s how I want to scroll around. And then you can move these tabs one to the other. So in future presentations, I’ll start to open the balance sheet, the income statement, the trial balance, I’ll start to get into a system,



I’m going to say I’m going to duplicate duplicate the tab, where I’m going to I’m going to have my set up where I typically like to have it say have my balance sheet first, and then followed by my income statement. So I might then open my second report over here, which would be what did I have over here the balance sheet and then I might have my profit and loss or income statement, and then possibly use the first tab as my data input where I’m entering the invoices, and so on and so forth.



You also got to be careful in terms of your toggling, like if I scroll to 100% here and go back over here. Notice this also modifies back down to 100%. So it could be it could be a little bit tricky. It might say, Hey, I would like to have this thing up at 120%. But my other my other item at 100%.



That can be a little bit tricky to do if you’re using the same browser, you could possibly open the same item in different browsers and do that you can also take this tab and grab it like this, and then drag it somewhere else. So if I wanted to see something side by side, I could see this now side by side with my with my other items over here by now having two separate browser windows that are open down here.



So now I’ve got my two browsers. So usually when you duplicate the tab, it’s in the same little column up top, but you can pull it out of that column, just like we did here and I could I could possibly put it back into that column as well. I’m just gonna close it. So I’m going to grab that so I can grab I can grab one of these and pull it, pull it out. So now it’s its own thing.



And then typically you should be able to put it back right there if you want to as well. All these things, if you’re not used to this, and you’re used to a desktop version that’ll take a while to get used to. But once you get used to it, it’s pretty nice. And you can do some things that you can’t do on the desktop version, when you’re navigating around like that. And again, the same thing, if you’re used to this look and feel same thing I can, I can open up my reports over here, which would be in the reports.



And there’s nothing in this tab, I can open up my balance sheet and say, say I want to run, I want to run this and then possibly duplicate this tab, duplicate the tab. Now I have it over here. And that I can go back to my left hand side to do what I want to do with regards to the data input. Go into the business overview, for example.



Or two, let’s go and go to my little plus button and enter an invoice on this side, whilst I have my my data on on the right in terms of the so now I’ve got my data input field and on the right, I’ve got my tab here. And again, I could grab this and pull it so I can put it on another screen if I want to. So that I could have two screens open, I can do the good old side by side view.



So you got a lot of flexibility with regards to the side by side look. So there we have that and then you should be able to basically put this back right there. So we can then we can have a lot of flexibility in terms of moving the stuff around. And again, you can move these up top to put the order up top that you like. And after you do this for a while, you probably get used to saying hey, this maybe like the first one is where I like my data input.



And then maybe my reports, balance sheet, income statement, trial balance up top, you have some kind of system that you’ll probably get used to. And we’ll get into some kind of system some kind of groove when we start to open in our files as we go forward with the Practice Files takes a little bit, a little bit of time to get used to however, and of course how many windows you have open will be dependent on your internet connection.



So if your connection is a little bit slow, then it can be a little bit frustrating to have everything updated and refreshed if you’ve got a good fast internet connection. And then this this kind of method could work quite well. It’s actually kind of nice and it has some things that you can’t do as easily with the desktop version.

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