Measurement Period and Contingent Considerations

In this presentation, we will discuss measurement period and contingent considerations within an acquisition process, get ready to account with advanced financial accounting. At this point with the discussion of the acquisition process, you’re probably thinking, Okay, I kind of see how this fits together. I’ve see how this works. But logistically, it could still be a little bit tough. If you were to apply this in practice, you’re probably saying, Hey, there could be some problems. In practice. If we were to apply this out. For example, if we’re saying, okay, we’re going to revalue the assets and the liabilities. And we’re going to value the consideration we’re going to make a comparison of the value of the assets and liabilities to the consideration that’s being given for the company that in essence is being acquired in the acquisition process. Well, then what about that valuation process? That’s going to be difficult because how do we revalue the assets and liabilities because normally, when you value something, you value it from a market perspective, which means there’s actually a transaction a sale that’s taking place. So note obviously that valuation process is going to be somewhat of a tedious process for us to go through and revalue. And how long do we have for that to take? I mean, if this isn’t happening basically instantly with regards to this process, this is going to be taking some time.