Foreign Currency Transactions

Advanced financial accounting PowerPoint presentation. In this presentation, we will discuss foreign currency transactions get ready to account with advanced financial accounting, foreign currency transactions. So remember when we’re thinking about foreign currency transactions, we’re thinking about them from the perspective of the US company in US dollar. So we’re have our currency that we’re making our financial statements in, we’re measuring all the stuff on our financial statements with the measuring tool that we need to be using, that’s going to be the US dollar, that’s going to be our standardization. And then anytime we have foreign currency transactions with something other than US dollars, then we want to see them from that perspective, right? Because when we put them on our financial statements, just like anything else, just like inventory, if we were to value units of inventory, or to value stocks and whatnot, we need to value them in terms of our measure into a which of course is the US dollar.