Inventory Costs

In this presentation we will discuss what will be included or should be included in inventory costs. So when considering inventory cost, clearly we have the cost of the inventory which would be included. But there are other components that we want to keep aware of. And keep in mind that could be included in the cost of inventory as we record that inventory cost that purchase price or the amount in dollars of inventory on the financial statements. One is going to be Do we have to pay for the shipping costs and that typically will have to do with the terms of fo B shipping point, or fob destination is going to be a common question that is asked and a common factor in practice that we need to consider.

Income Statement from Trial Balance 16

Hello in this presentation we’re going to take a look at the creation of the income statement from the trial balance. First, we want to take a look at the trial balance and consider where the income statement accounts will be. When looking at the trial balance, it will be in order we have the assets in green, the liabilities in orange, the equity in light blue, and then the income statement accounts including revenue and expenses. That’s what we are concentrating here we’re looking at those income statement accounts. And that is what will be used in order to create the financial statements to create the income statement. Note that all the blue accounts represents the equity section. So the income statement really is going to be part of total equity. If we consider that on the balance sheet, then we’re really looking at a component of this capital account.

Adjusting Entry Insurance 9

Hello in this lecture, we’re going to record the adjusting entry related to insurance, we’re going to record the transaction up here on the left hand side and then post that to the trial balance on the right hand side, the trial balance being in the format of assets in green liabilities in orange. Then we have the equity section in light blue and the income statement, including revenue and expenses in the darker blue. We will start off by just identifying the accounts that will be affected and then talk about why they will be affected. So we know that we have the adjusting entries. Remember that adjusting entries should be kept separate in your head in that they do have the same characteristics of having debits and credits in at least two accounts affected however, they’re also all as of the end of the time period, either the end of the month or the end of the year.

Types of Adjusting Journal Entries Adjusting Journal Entry 2

Hello in this presentation we’re going to talk about types of adjusting journal entries. When considering adjusting journal entries we want to know where we are at within the accounting process within the accounting cycle. all the entries the normal adjusting entries have been done the bills have been paid the invoices have been entered for the month we have reconciled the bank accounts. Now we are considering the adjusting process. Those adjusting journal entries are needed in order to make the adjusted trial balance so that we can create the financial statements from them. The adjusting journal entries being used to be as close to an accrual basis as possible. those categories of adjusting journal entries, which will then have more types of adjusting entries within each category will include prepaid expense, unearned revenue, accrued expenses and accrued revenue. Let’s consider each of these we have the types of adjusting entries first type prepaid account expenses. prepaid expenses are items paid in advance.

Journal Entry Thought Process 215

Hello in this presentation that we will discuss a thought process for recording financial transactions using debits and credits. Objectives. At the end of this, we will be able to list a thought process for recording journal entries. explain the reasons for using a defined thought process and apply thought process to recording journal entries. When we think about a thought process, we’re going to start with cash as the first part of the thought process is cash affected. We’ve discussed the thought process when we have considered the double entry accounting system in the format of the accounting equation, the thought process will be much the same here we now applying that thought process to the function of debits and credits recording the journal entries with regard to debits and credits.

Cash Method vs Accrual Method 135

Whoa in this presentation we will be discussing a cash method versus an accrual method objectives. We will be able to at the end of this, define and explain a cash method, define and explain an accrual method and explain the difference between the cash and accrual methods. When considering the cash method and the accrual method, they’re not necessarily completely different or diametrically opposed. But when presented, they are often presented in this format partially because in order to explain one, it’s often useful to know the other it’s useful to be able to compare the differences between the two methods.