Sale From Parent to Sub Sub Has Not Resold


Advanced financial accounting PowerPoint. In this presentation we will discuss a situation where there is a sale of inventory or transfer of inventory from parent to subsidiary, the subsidiary not having yet sold the inventory. So in that sense, we have an intercompany type of transfer. When we consider the parent and subsidiary as a whole with regard to a consolidation process, the parent sold to the subsidiary the inventory, the subsidiary still holding on to that inventory has not resold it externally at this point, get ready to account with advanced financial accounting. What we want to do now is think about the transaction on p side and then on SSIS, and then what the elimination entry will be. So there’s a couple ways you can think about this, you can kind of memorize what the elimination process will be what the elimination entry will be and put together worksheets to do that elimination process kind of by just routine by just filling out the worksheet. And then you also want to analyze the worksheet and think about it in detail in terms of what is actually happening.