Segment Reporting Overview

Advanced financial accounting PowerPoint presentation. In this presentation, we will give an overview of segment reporting, get ready to account with advanced financial accounting, overview segment reporting. So when we think about segment reporting, we’re thinking about a company breaking that company into the segments. And when we think about the segments, two questions we want to consider are what is a segment? How does one qualify or how does a segment qualify as a segment and once qualifying for a segment, then what are going to be the financial reporting that needs to be done for the segment? So three characteristics of an operating segment, the component units, business activities, generate revenue and incur expenses. So the component unit that unit you can think about like a separate unit incurs revenue and has expenses including any revenue or expenses in transactions with other business units of the company? So we’re including the transactions if you’re thinking about it as a different segment, a different unit? You’re thinking okay, they have revenue and expenses with In the revenue worth, we’re also including any revenue or expenses, in transactions with other business units of the company. So you’re kind of thinking about a segment as being somewhat autonomous in and of itself here, and therefore having its own basically revenue and expenses, although it can be connected to other segments, the component units, operating results are regularly reviewed by the entities Chief Operating mark, operating decision maker.