Internal Business Expansion

In this presentation, we’ll take a closer look at internal business expansion, get ready to act because it’s time to account with advanced financial accounting. In our previous presentation, we talked about the types of expansion that a company can take. And we broke those out into the general categories of internal expansion and external expansion. The internal expansion, meaning we have a corporation or a company that needs to expand wants to do so internally might result in other divisions or might result in a creation of a subsidiary, the external expansion meaning we have two entities that are separate and somehow come together, which still could result in something like a parent subsidiary type relationship, or some type of division. So we’re going to be considered here the internal ideas the internal concept or internal expansion. So we have one organization, the organization wants to grow and expand possibly into a different sections or segments are different industry, and therefore they’re going to expand in some way shape. shape or form. Typically, we’re thinking of the creation in this case of a subsidiary type of relationship, in which case, they might create a separate legal entity. And that would be the giving of the assets and possibly liabilities to a separate legal entity that would be created. In other words, the parents company, setting up a subsidiary in some way, shape or form. And then given the subsidiary some assets and the liabilities that were formerly the parents organization, and then having a parent subsidiary type relationship with that subsidiary unit, us from an accounting standpoint, then having to think about how are we going to account for that with regards to financial accounting with that parent subsidiary type of relationships. So types of business entities that could be involved with this, we could have a subsidiary company and that’s the one you’d probably most be considering.