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QuickBooks Pro Plus desktop 2022 new stuff, get ready because we bookkeeping pros are moving up the hill top with QuickBooks Pro desktop 2022 referencing the firm of the future, which is in essence, one of Intuit, the owner of QuickBooks Online Marketing resources, you can find the firm of the future by typing into your favorite browser, something like firm of the future QuickBooks desktop 2022 updates. One of the big updates for 2022 version is the move to the subscription model. So we’ll talk more about the implications of that. But to get a feel for what that means, we want to compare and contrast the desktop version to the online version, remembering that those two versions are quite different in nature, the online version, in essence, meaning your login online, to do the work online, that data file is in essence online.


With the desktop version, generally, you download the software to your computer, then you have the data file on your computer, and you basically work from an essence that computer rather than in an online type of system. When you look at those two models, the online model is closer with regards to the subscription model, that many things many companies are going to with computer applications, they’re tending towards a subscription type model. In the past, there was kind of a fear that basically the online QuickBooks was going to just basically take over and be the only kind of QuickBooks, they’re worse than they would phase out the desktop.



That fear has gone down a lot lately, because a lot of people really like the desktop version and don’t want to see it phased out. There are some things that the desktop version does better than the online version, there are some things that the online version does better than the desktop version. So it does look like they’re putting significant updates and changes to the desktop version, and not really going towards just a phase out towards the online at this point in time can considering the updates that have been put in place and the time and effort that have been put in to do so.



But they want to take advantage of that subscription model, it might be a similar fashion, you might be able to compare it to something like the Microsoft Office programs, which used to be downloadable on the desktop, which in essence, they have a subscription model at some format, as well, that seems to be the trend that the software’s are going to. So what are going to be the implications of an essence, that subscription model, that’s what we’ll talk about.



Remember, in the past, you used to basically buy the QuickBooks software every year, this is how it’s been up until this point in time. And they would act, they would update it very, you’re very consistently, more consistently than many other applications, they would have a date, they’re going to update dated around this time of the year, every year. And if you want the latest version, you download the latest version, and you got to basically buy or re up in some way to get the latest version of the software.



So the idea now then being that they’re simply going to give you the updates as the latest versions go on. As long as you’re up to date, in essence, on your subscription model. That would be the general idea. So questions that would come to mind is well, how are you going to log in? How are they going to know what the online is? Can? Does that mean that I can only have I mean, how am I going to pay for the online? Is it by company? Or is it by basically the license. And what are what are going to be the implications of this. We’ll talk a little bit more about that here.



But that’s one of the big moves. So it’s still a desktop software, remember, even though they’re going to an online version, it’s still going to be something where the data files on the desktop, you still have it on the desktop. And then in essence, you’ve got to log online to verify that you have an up to date, our Intuit account to verify that and so that so that they can also verify that the software is up to date, or in other words, it’s going to have to check online to give you those updates.



And it should give you the updates not only in between the years. But as you have the major updates on a year by year basis those updates as time passes, you would think maybe they will not have this big release dates that they have had in the past for the release of the new version of the desktop for 2020 to 2023. At some point there, you would think that they would just say okay, now you just have the QuickBooks desktop version, which we will update when we see fit, you know, going forward, and we’re automatically going to basically push out those updates, you would think that’s what would happen or tend to happen in the future. So pay per software license, not per company.



So one of the big advantages to the desktop version for many people, if you’re a bookkeeper is you might be doing the books for multiple different companies with one in essence, QuickBooks license or QuickBooks software. Whereas if you’re on the online version, you typically have to buy a new QuickBooks license for each company that you’ll be handling. So if you’re in that type of business, you’re clearly liking the desktop version because it could be more cost effective. In that instance, it should still be That way, meaning you’re playing, you’re paying the on the subscription, but you’re paying it for the software.



And if you’re using that software to create multiple company files, then you should still be able to do that we’ll test that out as we go forward and go through the practice problem with it here. If the annual subscription is not paid, the software will stop working. So you might say, well, how are they going to do that? Because if it’s on my desktop, and I have access to the software, then then how are they? How are they going to regulate that?



Well, you still need to go online to check they’re going to add the online feature to check that your that your subscription is up to date, meaning it’s going to connect to the online if you stop paying, then no in essence, to help the software from working is how we would imagine that to be working. That does mean that you’re going to have some kind of subscription or sign in from time to time on the desktop, even though generally you don’t need to be online to work on a desktop type of application, which is one of those questions that we’ll kind of look at as we go through the practice problems,



there’s also going to be some complications with the sign in process that I’m sure will cause confusion to people as they’re gonna have two kinds of signings, one for the Intuit accounting the other for the actual software to get into the data file. But we’ll talk more about that in a second. This is from the Intuit website firm of the future. The subscription includes QuickBooks desktop for Windows is updating its product lineup with our 2022 launch, we will now only be selling our pro and premier products as Pro Plus and premier plus subscriptions and place have a one time purchase license.



So you don’t have that one time purchase license, you got the subscription model, you might also be saying, you know, if you have the older model, then the question would be usually had to update it each year, or else it would be serviced for so many years. And then past that point in time after it’d been serviced, then you’re kind of going on your own at that time, you run an at your own risk, the software still works quite well, oftentimes. But you might not have the updates for things like payroll, and that kind of thing. If you’re on the subscription model going forward, then you should basically have all those updates automatically, if you’re up to date on the payments.



And making this transition, the subscription only we commit to focusing our investment on delivering greater value and more impactful features for you and your clients. This transition will also encourage our clients to be on the most recent version for easier collaboration with you note that if you’re an accountant, this can be a big deal as well, meaning if you have different versions of software, you’re working with different clients, and they have their own software packages for QuickBooks, they’re using QuickBooks, you as an accountant has quick QuickBooks,



but they have different versions, there can be problems with the transferring of data that there’s various types of workarounds that we have. But that’s one of the problems that as time passes, if Intuit is successfully able to push everyone onto the subscription model won’t be as much of an issue, what are those problems, those problems have to do. For example,



if you’re the accountant, with a desktop version, you’re probably updating to the newest desktop version, you might even have multiple desktop versions for multiple years back on your desktop, so that you can deal with this kind of issue with with clients that might have older versions of the software. If they give you a software, that’s an older version, then if you open it up that backup file and a newer version, so that you can do whatever you need to do at year end, whatever you need to do, you would have to update it to the newer version, that’s not a problem updating the software to the newer version.



But if you make changes to it, and you would like to give another backup back to the client, they will not be able to to take that backup and restore it, because they’re on the older version. So the problem being, you can take an older version backup file and update it to a newer version of the software. But you can’t take a newer version backup file and update it to the older version, which there’s workarounds on how to work around that, and so on and so forth.



But that’s one of the issues that you have when you’re working with clients, or when a client is working with an accounting firm to transfer the data and make periodic pace, basically adjustments from time to time. So that could be one benefit. If this becomes a smooth, nice transition to everybody being on the subscription model, because then everybody will have the latest version and you won’t have that interplay with the old versions. Now in the meantime, you would expect that many companies might be saying, Hey, I don’t need all the updates that you’re doing, and so on and so forth.



Because if you’re not using the Add on features, other apps, payroll and that kind of thing, and you just want basic accounting software, you might just use the older software and not and not updated so it could result in some companies that don’t need some of the more sophisticated tools to be using, you know older versions and On. So I would think this, this benefit could be a long term benefit, but a short term lag, it could take some time before that benefit actually plays out to facilitate this transition sales, QuickBooks desktop 2021.



One time purchase versions will be extended until December 10 2021. So you might be saying, is there any way around this at this point in time, I would still like to buy a version that I can download on my computer, that it’s mine, that I’m not on a subscription basis, I don’t like this subscription basis, possibly you’re saying a lot of people don’t, I think that’s the it’s the new trend. So there’s no getting around it at some point, I would think. But you might be able to say I don’t want it at that point, at this point in time, you there extending the timeframe that you can buy the 2021 version for the desktop. And if you buy that version, then you’re not on the subscription basis. So you can still buy that, it’ll be an older version.



But as you can see, for 2022, the updates are not really significant. For the most part, if you have like a basic, you know, if you don’t have a lot of really intensive needs on the software. And then of course, you’ll have as it’ll get older as time passes. And they’ll service it for a timeframe that we’ll talk about a little bit more here. But you might be able to use that software for some time. And it might serve you quite well, depending on what your needs are. And then you wouldn’t have to be doing the updating process in that case.



So if you’re in a situation, and you’re saying, Hey, I have basically cashflow bookkeeping clients, and I don’t need super sophisticated software, I’m not doing payroll, I’m not doing add on features. I’m using straightforward bookkeeping functionality, I want to have multiple clients on my on my bookkeeping software, and I pick my clients to be able to use the system that I’m using, and I don’t need a subscription base, then if you have an older software right now, you might want to update then to the 2021.



Because that one will last you the longest before you’re going to have to be pushed on to basically a subscription model if you want to use the QuickBooks so so like I said, if that’s the type of business that you’re doing, basically, it’s fairly straightforward bookkeeping, your clients or don’t have needs that are taking apps or taking any of these updates or anything like that. And you just want the subscription model to last as long as it can, you know, the 2021 is the last version, you could do that for before you’re going to be forced into, I’m sorry, the non subscription model, the non subscription model to last as long as you can, then you get the 2021.



And use that until and if for some time, it’ll probably be good, you know, for some times because very old softwares of QuickBooks still work fine. You know, they may not be supporting them as much but but they’re there, if you can get them on the computer, if if they’re accessible with regards to the operating system, they typically work quite well. You just don’t have the added functionality of some of the apps and things like payroll or functionality with other types of apps, and so on and so forth.



So in any case, the 2002 subscription versions will offer you and your clients additional benefits, including access to the latest version with the most up to date features security patches and support for third party operating systems. So you can have those updates happen automatically, which is great for accountants that like to act for me, that’s great, because I would like it to be updated all the time. And I have to update it anyways all the times to be in compliance. If I was to have clients that have the updated version, I have to update it.



As soon as the client updates to the newer version as an accountant, then you typically need to have the latest version. So up to 38%, faster, more reliable QuickBooks computing power, this is the other big thing that happened. So there’s not a lot of stuff within QuickBooks desktop this year, where you’re saying, hey, they did a lot of neat things like with the apps or something like that. But they had this change to the subscription model. And I think that in part was helped to to help them align up with things like the app functionality that they’re using, which we’ll talk a little bit more about later. And they also have this this move to the 64 bit.



So that move then should make it a lot faster. And that could be quite useful for companies that have large data files, for example, or doing things within QuickBooks that take up a lot more power, QuickBooks does take a lot, a lot of processing power. And so that move now to the 64 bit might make it so the QuickBooks is going to is going to move faster for you depending on you know how much how big your file is, if you have small data file, you might not see a difference with it, your QuickBooks is probably moving fast enough.



But if you’ve got a heavy data file and a lot, a lot of stuff going on, then this change could be a big move. Now that change it could could mean that if you have an older computer, you got to make sure that you have the 64 bit compatibility. QuickBooks is now feeling safe to move to the 64 because most computers are there at this point of time and that move Then could increase the processing speed. So that’s why they took that on. And apparently, that’s a big move from a computer software development standpoint. So unlimited customer support and data recovery at no additional charge, a $299.99 cent annual value, premium time saving and money management features increased productivity with the QuickBooks desktop mobile app.



So this is the other one, they’ve had those mobile app programs. And apparently a lot a lot of people are basically liking the interplay or interface between basically their mobile apps and the QuickBooks desktop doing things like taking pictures of bills was a big marketing type of thing. And that bill, then you can, you can convert that picture to an actual bill within the system.



And or you can attach it. So you can take a picture, say with your phone and attach it to to QuickBooks, which can help you with your, basically your audit trail. For Job Costing, you might take pictures of job sites and things like that, and attach it then to QuickBooks. If you’re going to take that information directly from something like a mobile phone, and then attach it to QuickBooks, then QuickBooks needs some connectability between those two things. And the only way to do that then automatically would be to go through the cloud or through the internet.



And that’s another reason why they would need that six year access or sign in kind of process when you access your desktop, so that they can get the security from your phone as it then goes through the cloud back to your desktop. So that might be another reason to try to give people what they want with his connectivity with apps and things like that, that they went to a subscription model, which was going to require some kind of sign in process. In the desktop version. I’m just kind of speculating there.



But that’s my guess, the 2022 subscription version will offer you and your clients additional benefits, including, please note that the clients on the older 32 bit computers will not be able to use the 2022 version, which requires a 64 bit compatible Windows operating system. So if you have an older computer with a 32 bit, then the new versions not going to work on it. But QuickBooks is feeling comfortable to move to the 64 bit even though they work with small to mid mid sized companies a lot due to the fact that most new computers are on the 64 bit. So if you have a newer kind of computer, you should be at the 64. But make sure that you’re checking those requirements.



If you’re looking to pick up the 22,022 version. If not, then you might still be able to pick up the older versions that might still work on the older computers. Check here for more information. So you can look at the firm of the future website. If you want to get more dig, dive deeper into more information on that you can look up firm of the future website, on your favorite browser and look up the 2022 changes. Note that there’s also been changes to the Mac version, the desktop version. But if we think about the QuickBooks world in different versions, they got the online version.



So whether you’re on a Mac, or you’re on a Windows computer, if you’re using the online version, it doesn’t really matter because you’re going through the online interface. And that’s the same under the two types of types of operating systems. If you look at the desktop version, you got the Windows version and the Mac version, which you would think would look quite similar, but they have a lot of differences. And like the appearance, they do in essence, the same things, but they have differences in their appearance to them. The Mac version, in a similar issue with the QuickBooks desktop itself.



Remember, we talked about the idea that a lot of these, these applications or the software’s are moving to a subscription model, some of them were thought to be moving towards an online model, there was kind of that fear that maybe the desktop version was going to go away, and they were going to move to the online version only, which doesn’t seem to be playing out, given the fact that a lot of people like the desktop version, and as we can see here, they’ve made major changes in updating the software like making it updated to 64 bit and so on, which you would think means that they have a substantial investment going forward.



Same concerns with the Mac, it was thought maybe they’re just gonna, they weren’t updated. And it seemed like the Mac version quite as often. So it seemed like maybe they’re just kind of phased out the Mac version for a while and move just to the to the Windows version. But this year in 2022, they made a lot of updates to the Mac version, I’m not going to go over them in detail, because we’re not going to be focusing in on the Mac version here. The Mac version will be similar to the debt to the Windows version for the two desktop versions. But it has a different kind of look and feel.



So you got to hunt around for different things. If you’re moving between the two, the two different programs and two different operating systems and the two different program types, the Mac version versus the window versions of the QuickBooks desktop programs. But I do just want to point out that they’ve the fact that they’ve made significant changes in this too. 1022 version would indicate that they’re making significant investments in the Mac version.



So if you’re if you like that version, it looks like it looks like they’re invested in it. So it should be around here for a while you would think based on the fact they’re putting money into it. For 2022, we are introducing the QuickBooks desktop Mac plus an annual subscription based. So same kind of thing for the Mac version subscription based, we will now be selling our Mac products subscription in place of one time purchase license, QuickBooks desktop Mac plus will be available to accountants professionals, as part of the pro advisor enterprise software bundle.



So the 2022 subscription version will offer you and your clients additional benefits, including access to the latest version of the most up to date features, security patches, and so on similar information here, unlimited customer support similar their premium subscription features like automatically creating and categorizing receipt expense transactions. Now quick look at the timeline distribution for the QuickBooks desktop, we’ve got the dates here,



October 12 2021, our transition to a subscription forward lineup will occur at the time of our 2022 product release, which is scheduled for October 12 2000, to 21. So when we think about the the releases, it’s kind of like a car release or something like that, with regards to the software, which it has been up until this point and might change going forward. Meaning that the 2022 version of the QuickBooks desktop is offered sometime in September or October generally. So the release date here is scheduled to be October 12. For the 2022 version, you should still have access possibly to the 2021 version due to the changes. But that’s the release.



Note that the accounting version, if you use the accounting version, could have access possibly at an earlier date than that. And then we’ve got the 2021, we will offer a limited time exception for the purchase of our desktop pro premier. And the Mac 2021. One time purchase license supported through May 24. To avoid disruption to you and your clients. In other words, the 2021 version, they’re extending the timeframe that that will still be offered in case you don’t want the subscription model. And they’re saying here that the support date I believe is through May 2024.



So if you have the type of business where you’re saying I don’t want a subscription model, I have I don’t I want to buy basically, the standard downloadable model that doesn’t need a subscription, you need the 2021 you might want to buy the latest version right here, which will be supported as long as possible that you can get it for which would be 2024. After that point in time, you might not have the same support the software, though will probably still work if everything’s working to do so. So be aware of that as well.



And then we got December 10 2021. Those products will be available via QuickBooks solutions providers, q SPS and Intuit sales agents until December 10 2021 distribution for QuickBooks desktop to ensure uninterrupted support for your clients. We are extending the availability of our QuickBooks desktop accountant edition, one time purchase license to accountants. This will be available for sale to accountants through QuickBooks solution providers, the Q SPS and Intuit sales agents, the 2021 accountant edition will be available until December 10 2021.



And the 2022 accountant edition will be available until next year’s product introduction. So the older versions, then what about the older versions, the ones that aren’t going to be updated after this point, QuickBooks desktop 2021 will be available for sale up to December 10 2021. Once again last time to basically purchase that older version. This is a non subscription software last time to take advantage of that. And the support from Intuit will end on 531 2024. So like I said, if you want that older version to make it last as long as possible without the subscription, then you can buy that 2021. Still, you might want to do it at this point, if that’s what you want to do.



And then you’ll have the support till 531 to 24. After which point, the software will probably still work. And if you don’t need the updates on things like payroll or other apps or things like that, depending on your bookkeeping system, you know, it might still work after you know, it’ll probably still work after that point in time, but you don’t have the same support for it. So you must log into into an account for the desktop version. This is the verification process to show into it, you have an active subscription.



Now this is one that will test as we go through and this is probably the thing that’s going to cause the most problems as you make this change because the questions is what Well, if I have the desktop version, sometimes maybe I want to work offline, do I have to log in every time I log in? Possibly not. But maybe you need to log in, you know, you probably have to log in periodically, possibly the first time that you log in to to QuickBooks. But then after you have the QuickBooks open, possibly, then you don’t have to log in again, the question question there would be, how often do I have to log in, once I’m into the software do I need to still be online and so on.



Also, you’re going to have issues with two different login situations for people using the software that could be confusing. One being the login to the account, the Intuit account, which accesses you online to verify that your subscription model is up to date and to the login for your data file, which is going to be a different type of login, just to log into the data file, that will probably cause a lot of confusion for people with these two logins. If you were to do things like like, adjust your login or update your user name or password, people are probably going to be confused from time to time as to whether they’re updating the username and password for the account for the Intuit account for the owner of QuickBooks versus the company, username and password.



And so those are things that you got to get an idea of, and if you’re working with clients, then you have to, you know, let them understand or help them to understand the differences between these logins as well. So the confusion is the Intuit account username and password is not the same as the company file username and password, it may also not be as easy because if you log into something online, and you use like online storage software for your passwords, something like LastPass or something like that, that can then help you to automatically put the password in without revealing you know, the actual password or typing it in.



I, I don’t think it’s as easy to use that last pass or, or programs like that in the desktop version, because basically you’re in a desktop version, which is going to have a pop up that’s in essence conducting online. And because you’re not in a browser, such as chrome or something like that, then you don’t have that same kind of interplay or functionality with your password software, which makes it a little bit more difficult to log in. If you were to log in, for example, to something like the online version of QuickBooks, then you can use your password login thing and just and say yeah, pull up the password login from my password program.



So that could be that can cause a little bit more problems. Because when you have complex passwords, you got to actually, you know, find the password and then log log into that password and then have another password for your company file. So when people reset a password, they need to understand which one they are working with. So you’re probably if you’re working with clients gonna have a lot of issues where they reset the password and they don’t know which password they reset, and so on and so forth. We obviously we’ve had a lot of you always have problems with people logging in, no matter no matter what it is, that’ll probably complicate the matter.



So you’re going to be ready to be ready for that. So remember, we’re referencing the firm of the future website that’s basically Intuit, the owner of QuickBooks, one of their marketing websites. You could find it online and continue your research from there typing into your favorite browser, something like firm of the future. We’ve got the 2022 QuickBooks desktop changes. It’s from the firm of the future team. It was dated September 7 2021.



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