Import PayPal Data 515 QuickBooks Pro Plus Desktop 2022

QuickBooks Pro Plus desktop 2020. To import Pay Pal data, get ready because we bookkeeping pros are moving up the hill top with QuickBooks Pro Plus desktop 2022. Here we are in our bank fee practice file going through the setup process with a view drop down the open windows list on the left hand side, the company drop down homepage in the middle maximizing to the gray area in prior presentations,


we’re looking into uploading the PayPal information, which we cannot just upload by going to the bank and drop down bank feeds. And then uploading another bank feed connecting to pay pal. So we would like to download the information from PayPal,



which we did last time or two times ago, or something like that some prior presentation into a file that looks like this, we couldn’t download from the financial institution of PayPal directly in a cubio web connect file as we typically can with other types of financial institutions.



So we downloaded and CSV file, which is a Microsoft Excel comma separated values file, which is like a stripped down Excel file without all the formatting stuff. And then we used our software here to convert it from that to a QB o file that we can then upload into the QuickBooks Desktop. So that’s where we are at this point of time.



Notice again that this software that we use for the conversion, we’re not affiliated to them at all, this is just one software that you could look into for that conversion process, I believe there’s a free offer for like a limited number of conversions or something like that to start out with. But again, you can look into the Conversion Options on your own there, this is just one of them, and we’re not affiliated with them.



So then now we have this open. So we could do this a couple different ways. If I hit the if I go back into the system, I could just hit the banking drop down. And then we go to the banking and import like this. Or we could just close the whole thing again, which is I believe this is the recommended way, oftentimes making sure this is the last one that we had open in the QuickBooks software.



And then I’ll just double click on that file, and it should open it up and then do like its thing. So now we’ll double click on this file, we’re just going to double click on it, and then it should run.



So it says QuickBooks has received a new transaction data. Well, I hope so because that’s what we’re trying to please indicate whether you want to import this data or save it, we’re going to import it right now and say OK, and then there we have it. So here’s our information. So it kind of just picked up the generic information.



Obviously, we didn’t take it from Wells Fargo here is from April. But we didn’t enter any kind of institution. And we’ve got that number that was there kind of by default. So that’s, that’s going to be there. So we’re going to say look, I’m going to create a new account.



And I’m not going to call it Wells Fargo checking in, we’re going to call it Pay Pal, a POW, pay that pay bow. And then we’ll say Continue. It says your web connect data has been successfully read into QuickBooks, you can view the downloaded data in bank feeds center by selecting your financial institution. It looks like it’s working. It’s work and it’s alive. So there it is. It’s amazing.



Closing the carrot on the left hand side now we’ve got the three cards up top, we could toggle this way. Or actually this is the bank and credit will toggle this way apparently. So here’s our three items. And then we’ve got the PayPal is the new item.



And obviously now we’ve got some intercompany type of transactions between PayPal and and the the bank so we’ll have to basically these transfers. So we’ll we’ll kind of do those intercompany transfers as well. And we’ll get into that in future presentations.

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