Other Intangibles

In this presentation we can continue on discussing acquisitions, this time talking about other intangibles other intangibles other than goodwill, get ready to account with advanced financial accounting. We are talking here about intangibles that must be recognized separately. So in prior presentations, we talked about an acquisition process and the recording of goodwill and the calculation of goodwill. Through that process, you’ll remember that we talked about the revaluation we had to reevaluate the assets and liability of the company that’s been acquired to their their value and then consider that or compare that, to the consideration that’s being given we can think about goodwill. Now in that process, however, we might have some other intangibles that need to be valued at that time as well, other than just simply the goodwill. So for example, we might have marketing related intangibles things like Internet domains and trademarks. So instead of just basically lumping everything into goodwill, we got to say okay, all right. They’re going to be marketing related intangibles like the internet domains and the trademarks that we need to apply some of that intangible amounts to we need to value in essence, those things as well breaking them out from just basically a kind of a lump sum valuation of goodwill.


So these are things we break out their intangible assets. We have the customer related intangibles things like customer lists are things that we can basically report as well. Artistic related intangibles are often things protected by copyrights are going to be things that are going to be other intangible items, contract based intangibles, franchises, licenses, and then we have the technology based intangibles, whether patented or not. So these are some other items that we want to make sure that we’re considering within the acquisition process when we’re considering basically re evaluating the assets and liabilities, these being some intangible items that also need to be included within that valuation process.

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