Consolidation When there is Complex Ownership Structure

Advanced financial accounting PowerPoint presentation. In this presentation we’re going to discuss a consolidation that when there is a complex ownership structure, so more complex ownership structure comparing the direct ownership, which is what we’ve normally been dealing with, with structures such as multi level ownership and reciprocal ownership, get ready to account with advanced financial accounting. Normally, when we think about our consolidation structure, we’re dealing with a direct ownership situation which looks like this direct ownership type of situation, it gets more complex. Of course, if we have more complex type of ownership structures, such as a multiple multi level ownership structure where we have a parent owning a subsidiary, that basically we have an indirect ownership, let’s say in another subsidiaries, that’s going to be more complex for us to deal with or if we have a situation where we have reciprocal ownership, where the parent has ownership a controlling interest in s, but as also has some ownership in p, right. We’ve been dealing with basically P parent company owning portion of S. So if we talk about direct ownership we’re talking about the parent has, as has controlling interest in every subsidiary. So that’s going to be of course, this situation.