Chart of Accounts 1.80

QuickBooks Online 2021 chart of accounts. Let’s get into it with Intuit QuickBooks Online 2021. Here we are in our free test drive file, you can get to the test drive file by searching in your favorite browser browser for QuickBooks Online test drive the Craig’s design and landscaping services test drive file is what we are working with, we’re going to go into the chart of accounts. A couple ways we can go to get in there we saw last time Chart of Accounts is one of our major lists.


Balance Sheet Report Overview 2.10

QuickBooks Online 2021 that balance sheet report overview. Let’s get into it with Intuit QuickBooks Online 2021. Here we are in our free QuickBooks Online test drive file, which you can find by searching in your favorite browser for QuickBooks Online at test drive are in Craig’s design and landscaping services practice file, we’re going to go down to the balance sheet by going to the reports down below, the balance sheet should be one of your favorite reports one of two favorite reports, not a matter of opinion, if it’s not one of your favorite reports, then your favorite thing is wrong, because it should be one of them. So we’re going to be opening up the balance sheet.


Balance Sheet Liability Section Creation From Trial Balance 14

Hello in this lecture we’re going to create the liability section of the balance sheet. In prior lectures, we have taken a look at the assets in terms of first current assets and then property, plant and equipment and given us the total assets at that time, then we are now going to move on to liabilities, and that will be part of the second part of the balance sheet meaning it’ll then sum up to total liabilities and owner’s equity. We are going to be taking this information of course from the adjusted trial balance the adjusted trial balance in the format of debits and credits, we are now formatting it in the format of the accounting equation. Still the double entry accounting system just in two different formats, just reshuffling the puzzles so that different readers can understand the financial statements even though they don’t understand debits and credits.


Balance Sheet & Income Statement Relationship 132

Hello in this presentation we will discuss the balance sheet and income statement relationship. Objectives at the end of this we will be able to define the balance sheet and list its parts, define the income statement and list its parts and explain how the income statement relates to the balance sheet. When considering these concepts in terms of the balancing concept of the balance sheet in particular, we want to keep in mind the idea of the double entry accounting system. The double entry accounting system being the main system the main internal control, that we are always keeping in mind that internal control helping us to safeguard against making errors that’s our first line of defense against making errors is the double entry accounting system, which can be expressed in a few different ways. (more…)