Accounting Objectives U 102

Hello in this presentation we will discuss accounting objectives, objectives, including relevance reliability and compare ability objective, we will be able to at the end of this presentation, list accounting objectives and explain the reasons for accounting objectives. The accounting objectives will include relevance reliability and compare ability. If we take a look at these individually, we can see some more components within these objectives and the reasons for these objectives. But also note that as we look at these individually, they are related and many of the aspects of why we need relevance will also be related to reliability as well as compare ability.

Accrued Interest Reversing Entry 10.25

This presentation and we’re going to enter a reversing entry related to accrued interest. Let’s get into it within two, it’s QuickBooks Online. Here we are in our get great guitars file, we’re going to go down to the reports on the left hand side, we’re going to be opening up this time the trusty trial balance, we’re going to be typing in up top to find the trial balance the trial balance, and then we’ll find it and then I’m going to open that up. Then we’re going to change the dates up top, we’re going to change the dates from Oh 1120 to 202 29 to zero.