Remeasure Financial Statement of Foreign Subsidiary

Advanced financial accounting PowerPoint presentation. In this presentation we will discuss the remeasurement process for financial statements of a foreign subsidiary. Get ready to account with advanced financial accounting remeasurement financial statement of foreign subsidiary remeasurement overview so we’re going to go through the process of the remeasurement. As you think of the measurement process, you want to be comparing and contrasting it to the translation process. So you’re envisioning basically you got a parent company. The parent company has a subsidiary the subsidiary is a foreign subsidiary. The subsidiary then conducts their books. Typically we’re thinking in a foreign currency right, that subsidiary is conducting their books in a foreign currency. If we need to consolidate the subsidiary into the parents financial statements, the parent uses dollars to measure their books subsidiary uses a foreign currency on the bookkeeping side, how do we get them over $2 so we can do the consolidation process. two methods generally we can use a translation method or a remeasurement method, and we have to determine which method we’re going to use by determining what the functional currency is. And once we know what the functional currency is, then we can determine whether we need to use the translation method or the remeasurement method. And they’re going to be slightly different. Now note, there’s also a third kind of option where we might have to use translation and remeasurement if there was a situation where the foreign currency has the financial statements, and something other than the US dollars and then the functional currency was not the currency that their bookkeeping was in, and it’s not the US dollar.