Comparative Financial Statements 8.95

This presentation and we’re going to take a look at the month in financial statements. And this time since we have two months to compare, we’re going to be creating comparative financial statements comparing the two months that we have a comparative balance sheet, a comparative income statement, we’ll also take a look at the transactions by date, the great report for checking our numbers, reviewing numbers for an employee, and possibly even for billing purposes to see how many transactions has been made. So you can possibly bill by transaction.

Generate Report Export to Excel 7.80

This presentation and we will generate, analyze, print and export to Excel our month in financial statement reports that’s going to include the profit and loss report or income statement report, the balance sheet report, and then we’ll take a look at that transaction detailed report that’s going to give us a lot of information to see what we have done over the month. It’s really good information that some people use for billion for the month.